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Vega full specifications - Scroll down page

                            4.6 Litre Deisel Specifications





Mitsubishi Canter motorhome chassis

With ABS







Vega equipment

Canter chassis specification equipment list

  • Back eye camera
  • Side awning 3.5m
  • Riarada
  • Roof carrier
  • Line tape
  • Entrance door with screen door
  • Acrylic double glazed windows × 7 locations
  • Combi Roll
  • Stainless steel 2 bath sink & stove × 2
  • Lighted range hood
  • Shimizu tank 19L
  • Domestic water tank 150L (70L + 80L)
  • Drainage tank 90L
  • 3way fridge 89L
  • Gas hot water boiler 24L (auto-ignition)
  • Truma gas FF convection heater
  • Truma blower circulation system
  • Rear air conditioning (heat & cool)
  • Supply and exhaust roof vent
  • Ceiling halogen & halogen downlight
  • Shower room and drying room
  • Shower Room baggage door
  • Shower Room certification
  • Shower Room Ventilation
  • Wall cabinet
  • Cassette toilet
  • Front cabin curtain
  • Bank bet partition curtain
  • Large closet
  • Left and right upper storage
  • Kyare top storage (microwave storage available)
  • Third seat under drawer storage
  • 8kg propane cylinder 
    (Plus 5kg cylinder can be stored)
  • Gas detector
  • Simple fire extinguisher
  • Type rear salon sheet
  • Sideways bench seat
  • Sliding large bank bets
  • Bank bet ladder
  • Large dinette table
  • Galley part storage & drawer
  • Diversity TV antenna
  • TV stand
  • External storage (skirt part 2 locations)
  • Large external storage (rear) 600L
  • AC outlet × 2 · DC outlet × 2
  • 100A deep cycle battery twin
  • Battery protector
  • 25A battery charger
  • External AC power input socket
  • 24V traveling charging system
  • Front independent suspension suspension
  • Specially designed rear suspension
  • Low-noise differential for bus
  • Change gear ratio in a high-speed type
  • Rear wide tread
  • 24V-80A alternator
  • Large ATF cooler
  • Main battery 115E41R × 2
  • Front colored bumper
  • Colored front fender
  • MITSUBISHI emblem
  • Passenger seat electric retractable mirror


Front Suspension

At the same time as the ride improvement of, straight-line stability, steering at the time of high-speed running, coil spring leaf spring combination independent suspension type front suspension which exhibits excellent effect to roll stability.


Canter lighting system


Base vehicle standard equipment

  • ABS anti-lock brakes
  • Mitsubishi EZGO (Easy Go)
  • Shock-absorbing steering
  • Driver's seat SRS air bag
  • Pretensioner seat belt
  • Complex curved side mirror




KK-FE53EC Kai (2WD)


KK-FG50EB Kai (4WD)


Body size



2750mm (2WD)

  • Full length



2770mm (4WD)

  • Full width

(Including a side awning)

  • Total height



F 1390mm

Room dimensions


R 1310mm

  • Full length


Minimum ground clearance


  • Full width


Tire size

205 / 65R16

  • Total height



Fuel tank capacity

100 L

Riding capacity/sleeping capacity

7 people / 6-7 people


Weight of vehicle


Final reduction ratio


  • Vega (2WD)

kg 4300

Auxiliary brake format

Exhaust brake

  • Vega (4WD)

kg 4490






Main salon





Storage of salon top ●.


King size bed from u shaped lounge

● All windows double glazed windows made of acrylic. Strength excellent heat insulation and sound insulation is much stronger than that of the glass, it does not crack 

● storage of third seat. Generator contains the 33L tank here is when it is equipped with a (generator). Drawer is available as it is use.


● 70L domestic water tank

● 33L tank when it is fitted with a generator.

● drawer storage provided in the bottom of the third seat.


● 150mm thickness of sheet suitable for the finest of Vega.The superimposed rigid urethane, flame-retardant urethane

● TV stand that has been installed in front salon.


● travel charger the heart twin battery of Vega under side sofa.

● Heat & Cool centraly

●central air



● main battery that has been moved to the rear overhang with outside access 



● L type of kitchen with two sinks

● 2-burner stove. Ignition device and the extinction safety device is attached.Because stainless steel is also easy maintenance.

●Twin Fawcett of Vantec.


● the installed drawer of galley.

● hanging shelf on the galley.It is also possible to accommodate a microwave oven.

● AC outlet. This is useful when you are using a microwave oven or cooker.



kitchen shelf.



●Under sink storage.

● large refrigerator 89L, there are outstanding cooling capacity with freezer.

● The galley of Vega has outlet for DC12V 



● lighted range hood. 




Rear section

● bed that has been installed in the rear. Under the lower bets, large storage accessible 600L also from outside.

● Fold down extra bed above lower bed.


● Storage above lower bed

● . plenty of storage, such as bedding and change of clothes.

●Outlet of heater. Warms up every corner of the room.


● by removing the bottom of the mat there is a hatch leading to the external storage.

● Use upper bed as a shelf to put the luggage without using as extra bed.


Shower Room

● If you open a the bathroom door to the outside, it can be used as an external shower.


● shower room shelf. You put in place such as shampoo and soap.

● wash basin marked with wall cabinet.

● Movable cassette toilet can be used by changing the orientation when used, can be compactly stored when using the shower.


●Two speed ventilation fan.

● To supply the wash water cassette toilet.

● mixing faucet of the shower, It is in a lower location to be able to use from outside .




● Cassette toilet easy external access 

● Ventilation placed under the door of the shower room to keep dry .



Engine specifications

Engine model



Direct-injection DOHC diesel

Inner diameter × stroke


Engine size

4.6 Litres

Compression ratio


Maximum output (net value)

145  hp / 3200rpm

Maximum torque

34.0kgm / 1600rpm



● large ATF cooler. reduce heat in the engine on long hill climbs.

● gas hot water boiler. Automatic ignition. There is also a monitor to check the ignition state.

● boiler operating unit.

 Boiler cover ●. Normal maintenance is not required,


● When replacing the rear tire, the detachable cover to be used to remove

●Main battery hatch.

● drain cock of drainage tank. 

● storage of gas cylinders and freshwater tank.Cylinders, can be housed the 8kg and 5kg by each one.


● Entrance door with screen door. 

● Entrance door twin lock.

● Entrance step has shoe storage  box 


● water  tank capacity 120 litres

● ABS control unit





● state fitted with a generator of 2500H. In this case, the drain tank is attached to the right side.

● remote start generator with hour meter.






Roof air conditioning

● roof air conditioning. 

●Thin indoor unit. It comes with front and rear direction to the outlet and me to comfort the room until every corner.



External storage


● External storage on the left.

● External storage on the right side.

● Large rear storage.




Rear trunk

● The rear trunk top is equipped with high-mount stop lamp.

● the right side of the access door and water supply port of the sub-tank of the rear trunk.


● rear trunk of capacity about 600 liters. Since the depth There is also enough room for a table and chairs.

● When you want to accommodate the long tems, it can be comfortably accommodated when opening  the right side  door.

● rear storage also available through lower rear bed .



● Specially calibrated suspension for a smooth and comfortable ride.

● At the same time comfort improvement of the ride, straight-line stability, steering at the time of freeway driving, Coil spring leaf spring combination independent suspension type front suspension which exhibits excellent control and stability.